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Crimson Warfare

A stupidly addictive game along the lines of Command & Conquer.

Tactics Core

This game is awesome. Brilliant graphics and gameplay.

Maganic Wars

Quite a cool card battle game type thingy. Or whatever you kids call them these days.

Bullettime Fighting

A very cool matrix style stick fighting game.


A bit like a mix between curveball and breakout.

Street Fighter Flash

A remake of the beat em up classic, Street Fighter 2.

Track and Field 2

A flash version of the old skool game, Track and Field. It's a bit crap but nostalgia wins every time.


Try to place all of the guests so that they are all happy with who they're sat next to.

Divine Intervention

Kill some fucking zombies. Yeah!

Playing with Fire (Bomberman clone)

Quite a good clone of the classic game Bomberman.


Try and defend your 'castle' from the invading enemy. After every mission you can upgrade your castle and hire people to help defend your castle.

International Karate Plus

A flash remake of the classic amiga game International Karate +. Fuck yeah.

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