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Username: LinkDumperMan Total Dumped: 6

Links Dumped:

Could it get much worse? (Funny Links)

I donīt think it could get much worse than that! (similar links)

The Revenge Of The CMONS (Funny Links)

A pretty cool animated movie, safe from work and pretty funny! (similar links)

Robot crashes glass (Funny Links)

Heh, if this robot really could crash a window, I would definitely get one!! Little robots all over town just breaking store windows.. ;) (similar links)

Another stupid video from Qashqai (Weird Links)

They just seem to get more and more weird, but I like the bit with the "shrimp boy" hehe
(similar links)

Card tricks for dummies (Misc Links)

Very good introduction, to some basic card tricks (similar links)

Sock doll gets penis enlargement (Funny Links)

A Comons doll now staring in his own little viral about penis enlargements ;) (similar links)

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