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Username: MrPuffin Total Dumped: 46

Links Dumped:

Godfather Pepsi Ad (Funny Links)

A hilarious Pepsi Ad that looks like a scene from the Godfather (similar links)

Palestinian Suicide Bombers (Misc Links)

This is a harsh clip from Palestine, itís about suicide bombers and how they prepare them selves before becoming martyrs. The lady at the end of the video is supposedly a hero in Palestine, called The Mother of Palestine, she has sent 4 of her 6 sons to s (similar links)

Guy Breaks His Neck (Gore Links)

This is pretty harsh, this guy breaks his neck while attempting to grab onto a balcony, why the hell I donít know (similar links)

The Human Snake (Funny Links)

Some guy is crawling on the floor and over furniture as if he were a snake. This video must have taken some time to make (similar links)

Family Guy - Other Vowels Hate Y (Funny Links)

Family Guy is getting better and better every episode, their humor is just so random and great (similar links)

Pop Idol - British Eminem (Funny Links)

These clips are priceless, some people just donít seem to realise they are utterly talent less (similar links)

South Park makes fun of Family Guy (Funny Links)

The guys of South Park decided to make fun of Family Guy and their random humor (similar links)

Tribute to Sexy Lesbians (Funny Links)

A funny sketch by the man show where the are promoting an organization called CCFL (CamCorders For Lesbians) (similar links)

Brittany Andrews Household Hints (Funny Links)

The famous porn star Brittany Andrews gives us tips on a little practical joke, how to squirt people when they flush the toilet (similar links)

Household Tips from Porn Stars - Fruit in Space (Funny Links)

Devon and Jenteal two famous porn stars give us tips on how to eat fruit whilst in space (similar links)

Poodle Fitness Video (Weird Links)

I've seen some weird things in my life time, but this tops it by far. A fitness video with a bunch of poodles doing aerobics (similar links)

South Park on How Family Guy Scripts are Written (Funny Links)

South Park make fun of Family Guy again, now they are explaining how the writers of Family Guy come up with the scripts (similar links)

Bugs Bunny Killed (Funny Links)

Bugs Bunny gets killed horribly on Family Guy (similar links)

Roberts Toot Tone (Funny Links)

A revolutionary new system that turns fart noises into ring tone sounds, to save you from embarrassing situations (similar links)

Targeted Marketing (Funny Links)

A lingerie pillow fight seemed the right way to engage the average consumer for this company's product, 10/10 for this ad (similar links)

Sexpert (Funny Links)

Take advice from this guy, he obviously knows his stuff...looks like a player too (similar links)

Vegas Buffet (Funny Links)

I'm never eating at a buffet in Vegas after this clip (similar links)

Guy Slaps a Girl Unconscious (Weird Links)

Some stupid girl asks a guy to slap her hard, so he does, sending her flying unconscious to the floor (similar links)

Guy Beats his Dad all Day (Funny Links)

This idiot thought it would be funny if he beat his dad all day, and for extra fun he decided to jump his mum too (similar links)

Parking Lot Fight (Gore Links)

A fight breaks out between two guys over some girl, that guy with the bleached hair gets owned pretty good, he had no chance in that fight (similar links)

Worst Jobs in America (Funny Links)

Clip from the Man Show with the three worst jobs in America (similar links)

Drunk Pilots (Funny Links)

Adam and Jimmy get drunk and dress as airline pilots, not exactly the thing you would like to see when waiting for your plane (similar links)

Colins Big Gay Disco (Funny Links)

This guy has some very intense disco moves, he should leave the office build a time machine and transport back to 70's (similar links)

Mothers Day Picture (Funny Links)

These guys had the right idea, but it didn't quite go the way they planned, brothers will be brothers (similar links)

Grim Reaper Prank (Funny Links)

This is a really cool prank where people see the grim reaper behind them in a supermarket security monitor (similar links)

Monitor Blown Up with Fireworks (Cool Links)

These guys totally destroy a computer monitor with fireworks, looks like fun (similar links)

Faulty Electric Weight Loss Belt (Funny Links)

And this is why conventional exercise is much better for you (similar links)

Box Monster Prank (Funny Links)

The box monster comes to life and scares people (similar links)

Black Bear on the Loose (Funny Links)

A Black Bear has been spotted on the loose and this news reporter has a very close encounter with the bear (similar links)

Kicked in the Nuts (Funny Links)

Funny spoof of hidden camera shows where a guy kicks random people in the nuts (similar links)

Rally Car Crashes Hard into a Tree (Gore Links)

This rally car slides of the road and slams very hard into a tree causing the car to explode on impact (similar links)

Kid VS Ball VS Ceiling (Gore Links)

Guy runs into his friend with a big ball but bounces back hitting his head into the ceiling badly (similar links)

Spoof of Jimmy Fallon Pepsi Ad (Funny Links)

Hilarious spoof of the Jimmy Fallon Pepsi ad (similar links)

Morning Wood - Robot Chicken (Funny Links)

Ahhh who doesn't enjoy playing with his morning wood (similar links)

Slingshot Wakeup (Gore Links)

A guy wakes up his friend by shooting him with a slingshot from extreme close range, the guy is obviously in extreme pain and the mark it leaves is huge (similar links)

Die Hard 12 - Die Hungry (Funny Links)

It's Christmas Eve and NY cop John McLane goes out shopping with his wife. Of course he ends up in a hostage situation. Hilarious spoof (similar links)

Thank You Nudist Colony Activist Coordinator (Funny Links)

Lets all take a moment to that the nudist colony activist coordinator and have a bud as well (similar links)

The Truth about Pikachu - Robot Chicken (Funny Links)

Ever wondered what Pikachu does in that ball of is, well he has hardcore rave parties obviously (similar links)

Holy Shit a Ninja (Funny Links)

Some college student dresses up as a ninja and interrupts classes and lectures (similar links)

Don't steal from Jeremiah (Gore Links)

Jeremiah doesn't like it when you steal from him, so don't, but if however you decide to do so don't get caught by him with the stolen stuff (similar links)

Nice Legs (Funny Links)

This chick has very nice long legs, funny ad from Chicken of the Sea (similar links)

Porn Factor - Deep Throat (Funny Links)

Famous porn stars Brianna Banks, Savanna, Tera Patrick and Mercedes guests star on the Howard Stern show to participate in a new "reality" show based on Fear Factor, where the porn star who deep throats the least of a sausage is booted off. (similar links)

Aunt Flo - Wonder Showzen (Funny Links)

Aunt Flo visits another little girl to turn her into a woman, feels good to be man (similar links)

Ali G Talks to Sam Donaldson (Funny Links)

Ali G talks to Sam Donaldson the head of ABC News about the media (similar links)

Stewie Drunk - Family Guy (Funny Links)

Stewie, just like any baby these days, loves to hit the booze. (similar links)

Girls eye pops out due to bass (Weird Links)

When eyes start flying you know your subwoofers aren't going to get much better (similar links)

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