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Username: dublay Total Dumped: 429

Links Dumped:

Big Boy Baywatch (Funny Links)

Big Boy smashes (similar links)

european h.e.l.l.o (Funny Links)

The European H.e.l.l.o.-Project (similar links)

sophie moone (NSFW Links)

sexy sophie moone (similar links)

Girls love to lick (Funny Links)

Some girls love to lick (similar links)

Fucked up in exam (Funny Links)

What to do if you've fucked up in an exam (similar links)

and you wonder about cans? (Funny Links)

Another clever Heineken ad. (similar links)

Not Too Bright (Funny Links)

it fails..but you'll never guess why (similar links)

Sometimes it's easy (Funny Links)

Sometimes it's easy to get food (similar links)

The Heineken Tear (Funny Links)

This explains the Heineken tear (similar links)

Raven Riley in her wardrobe (NSFW Links)

Cutie Raven Riley in her wardrobe undressed (similar links)

Raven Riley newest shoots (NSFW Links)

http://babes.dumphead.com/content/21/21.html (similar links)

great kate strip (NSFW Links)

Kate stripping down in hotel room (similar links)

best of material arts (Funny Links)

funny crashes (similar links)

fedex dilivery (Funny Links)

Cast away -fedex delivery idiot (similar links)

stranger (Funny Links)

Playing stranger (similar links)

There are easier ways to stay in contact (Funny Links)

There are easier ways to stay in contact (similar links)

sexy halloween clip (Funny Links)

She is running away, until... (similar links)

High k.o.-kick (Cool Links)

Fight with a high-kick-k.o.-ending (similar links)

damn fast spanish grafiti (Cool Links)

fast grafiti on subway (similar links)

That's what friends are good for (Funny Links)

Arm on fire (similar links)

Funny Airport Racing (Funny Links)

Funny racing with planes at the airport (similar links)

Choose wisely who to scare (Funny Links)

Failed prank on Halloween (similar links)

Catalina Cruz in black lingerie (NSFW Links)

See above link title (similar links)

What young boys want! (Funny Links)

Funny Sprite commercial (similar links)

Only see what you want to see (Funny Links)

Nice Tivo ad (similar links)

webcam cuties (NSFW Links)

Webcam cuties (similar links)

retarded boy (Funny Links)

Retarded boy freaks out... (similar links)

The hottest webcam strip ever ever (NSFW Links)

Hot webcam strip (similar links)

How to crack a kensington lock. (Cool Links)

This guy shows how you can easy crack a Kensington. (similar links)

Hygiene is important (Funny Links)

Cat gets a blast of stinky breath... (similar links)

Penthouse Girl Taya Parker ass show (NSFW Links)

Taya Parker, the famous penthouse girl, shows her ass in this little strip (similar links)

Tyrone Davies gets a little nervous (Funny Links)

Tyrone gets a little bit nervous short before the Free Film Festival and vomits during a live show (similar links)

Never wheelie naked (Funny Links)

Guy crashes his bike without any clothes (similar links)

Kates lollipop blowjob (NSFW Links)

Amazing Kate gives sexy lollipop blowjob (similar links)

New blonde webcamslut (NSFW Links)

Hot girl stripping in front of cam (similar links)

Hot Keyra stripping down (NSFW Links)

Hot Keyra stripping down (similar links)

Sexy bacardi girls (NSFW Links)

Nice clip with the sexy bacardi girls (similar links)

Ohura -new japanese webslut (NSFW Links)

Nice striptease in car by Ohura (similar links)

Take a closer look (Funny Links)

This guy has to go to the eye doctor (similar links)

Don't Judge Too Quickly (Funny Links)

Don't judge too quick (similar links)

Employee of the month (Funny Links)

With a really bad idea... (similar links)

MSN Pizza (Funny Links)

What are friends good for ;) (similar links)

The Parkingbar (Funny Links)

Women can't drive! (similar links)

The Booger Man (Funny Links)

a cheeky guy picks his nose and wipes it on the guy infront of him (similar links)

jealous? (Funny Links)

There's one simple explanation... (similar links)

Where's the target (Cool Links)

Banned Xbox 360 commercial (similar links)

The choosey motor (Funny Links)

You get what you give (similar links)

Call him The Wall (Funny Links)

Great tackle....and a k.o. (similar links)

Peekaboo (Funny Links)

If you have one, flaunt it! (similar links)

Impressive (Funny Links)

That's a good tactic to intimidate you enemy (similar links)

Dorm room prank (Funny Links)

Funny dormroom prank... (similar links)

Handbaggage (Funny Links)

Great way to save money (similar links)

don't touch my ass (Funny Links)

Funny koalas (similar links)

Real Love (Funny Links)

Thats a good reason to be busy (similar links)

Pantomime (Funny Links)

Great prank on a Pantomime (similar links)

Yet another xbox360 commercial (Cool Links)

..this one even has a funny ending. (similar links)

baywatch spoof (Funny Links)

Remember baywatch? (similar links)

Katie Fey dancing and teasing (NSFW Links)

Katie Fey stripping and dancing...wow! (similar links)

caught doing the numa numa (Funny Links)

is there anything more embarassing? (similar links)

Soccer violations (Gore Links)

A nice compilation of soccer fouls and brawls (similar links)

Bathroom Monkey (Funny Links)

Nice invention (similar links)

eeew (Funny Links)

This job is dangerous (similar links)

Must be suicide (Funny Links)

Not a good idea... (similar links)

Operation Shitty Operation (Funny Links)

One of the best army operations caught on tape (similar links)

Drinkmore Miller Beer (Funny Links)

Talking Monkey (similar links)

Sweet Young Girl Strips on Her Bed (NSFW Links)

Found some sweet apples today (similar links)

Cheating Girlfriend (Funny Links)

If this happens to you, you got owned (similar links)

Low Attitude Flying (Cool Links)

The latest low attitude flying clip (similar links)

Family Guy - The red dot (Funny Links)

Peter discovers India (similar links)

Shake ya ass (NSFW Links)

Two hot black cuties shaking everything... ;) (similar links)

Drag Race Crash (Cool Links)

Nice in car view of a drag race crash (similar links)

Spank the spider (Funny Links)

Soft shoes... (similar links)

Sweat (Funny Links)

If you sweat like this, you really got a problem (similar links)

NHL Legbreaker (Gore Links)

It's a hard game guys... (similar links)

neat parking (Funny Links)

wow, nice parking skills (similar links)

funny sport accidents (Funny Links)

funny sport accidents (similar links)

Lucky Deer (Funny Links)

lucky deer or drunken hunter (similar links)

Beavers (Funny Links)

The new theme restaurant (similar links)

Kirsten Muranaga (NSFW Links)

Hot asian model stripping down..wow (similar links)

Maids (Funny Links)

Nice insurance ad (similar links)

UMTS (Funny Links)

UMTS is not allways helpfull (similar links)

Forgot something? (Funny Links)

Don't forget to pay your bills...unless you want this happen to you (similar links)

Nurse Kate (NSFW Links)

Stunning Kate is back... (similar links)

Fake boobs? (NSFW Links)

Are these boobs real or a fake? Nice show (similar links)

Big Looser (Funny Links)

Heavy weight fight David vs Goliath (similar links)

Smart crabs (Funny Links)

I allways said, crabs are smart (similar links)

Football is everywhere (Funny Links)

Come over here puppy (similar links)

Hot Bikini fashion show 05 (NSFW Links)

The december 05 bikini fashion show (similar links)

Devon Michales and Kate stripshow (NSFW Links)

These two hot girls make a good show (similar links)

Mobile Fun (Funny Links)

Thats life, taking a shower and your mobile starts to ring (similar links)

Paris Hilton and Nicky on the beach (NSFW Links)

Paris Hilton in her hot bikini with sister Nicky on Hawai beach (similar links)

Everything looks better in slowmo (Funny Links)

Dave Chappelle explains, why everything looks better in slowmotion (similar links)

Les Mans Crash (Gore Links)

Hard Rally Crash (similar links)

Frontal Bike Flip (Funny Links)

Guy does a unexpected bike flip (similar links)

Drunken Monkey (Funny Links)

The drunken monkey security system (similar links)

After college fight (Gore Links)

Nice after college fight (similar links)

Do you need some glasses? (Funny Links)

Funny spot (similar links)

Discocam HOT! (NSFW Links)

Nice chicks filmed in some slutty clubs (similar links)

Internet (Funny Links)

...at whatever it costs... (similar links)

Bottle vs Head (Funny Links)

It's not as easy as it sounds to break a bottle over a friends head (similar links)

Imagine you've got the power (Funny Links)

to entertain yourself (similar links)

Easylove (Cool Links)

Hot girls with creamy drinks... (similar links)

The Devils are back (Funny Links)

Nice ad (similar links)

College Fights (Gore Links)

Another nice clipmix (similar links)

Jessica Simpson Pizzahut (Cool Links)

Nice Pizzahut commercial with our beloved Jessica (similar links)

Chickfight 3on1 (Misc Links)

3on1 chickfight...no chance for the girl without friends (similar links)

Tasty apples (NSFW Links)

This girl has the most tastiest webcam apples (similar links)

Poppin his head (Funny Links)

MC Hammer is still alive (similar links)

Holy shit (Funny Links)

This car is powerfull (similar links)

Funny japanese karaoke (Funny Links)

These two guys are amazing (similar links)

Shocking Game (Funny Links)

You all know and hate this cocentration shocker games..this poor guy doesnt. (similar links)

Big Boy vs diving board (Funny Links)

Ouch, that looks painfull (similar links)

Rocket mini (Funny Links)

top gear at the wintergames (similar links)

Crash Fight Flame (Cool Links)

New compilation of some stupid guys (similar links)

Crash Compilation (Misc Links)

New crash compilation (similar links)

Hot Spring Break Dance (NSFW Links)

Nice ass2ass dance (similar links)

Nice car, bad driver (Misc Links)

How to crash a Corvette (similar links)

You are gay because (Funny Links)

Funny discussion (similar links)

Low attitude flying (Cool Links)

Freaks in the air (similar links)

wet shirt contest (NSFW Links)

DAmn...wrong party again (similar links)

Drunk Drop (Funny Links)

Wow..that guy is really drunk (similar links)

IED Miss (Cool Links)

Lucky guys (similar links)

Hamster gets owned (Funny Links)

by his own wheel (similar links)

Naked pizza (Funny Links)

Funny Pizza Boy prank (similar links)

Exgirlfriend Lucy shows her pussy (Funny Links)

Exgirlfriend Lucy...perverts (similar links)

Bike Crashes (Funny Links)

Nice collection of painfull and dumb bike crashes (similar links)

Dart vs Hand (Funny Links)

That looks painful (similar links)

Ice Age (Funny Links)

Allways a survival of th efittest (similar links)

Fast Food Football (Funny Links)

Jackass at Mc Donalds drive through (similar links)

Evil Wannabe (Misc Links)

Bike stunt goes terrible wrong (similar links)

Hard Nipples (Funny Links)

Funny gum commercial (similar links)

Voyeurs (Funny Links)

3 little boys and the big busted neighbour (similar links)

Sierra Mista Airport (Funny Links)

Funny commercial - eeep (similar links)

500 pounds (Funny Links)

Try to pull a 500pounder from a WCE rope and guess what happens... (similar links)

Frog vs Fly (Funny Links)

Funny Volkswagen commercial (similar links)

Dell Porn (Funny Links)

Funny QVC Call (similar links)

Shower Slip (Funny Links)

Guy gets shocked and slips (similar links)

Roof To Roof Jump (Misc Links)

...goes terribly wrong (similar links)

Umbrella Condom (Funny Links)

Funny condom commercial (similar links)

Sometimes it's good (Funny Links)

to be an asian (similar links)

Horny Bridge (Funny Links)

Hot brunette makes a bridge horny (similar links)

Japanese Gameshows (Funny Links)

All the crap from japanese gameshows (similar links)

Worlds most one-sided fist fights (Gore Links)

nice puppet movie (similar links)

Idiot of the year (Weird Links)

A guy jumps into his selfmade 'army-ventilator' (similar links)

Air traffic controllers (Funny Links)

We are all so safe (similar links)

Sexy English (Funny Links)

A funny and sexy tutorial on how to speak sexy english (similar links)

True Happiness (Funny Links)

Funny commercial (similar links)

Powerfull Paperboy (Funny Links)

This guy has to much power (similar links)

Restaurant Chickfight (Gore Links)

With a serious ko (similar links)

Dog Plunge (Funny Links)

poor dog, funny commercial (similar links)

Fly By (Misc Links)

Close parachuting fly by (similar links)

Allmost home (Funny Links)

Totally drunk guy tries to get home (similar links)

DVD Smasher (Funny Links)

Don't try this at home, a guy smashes dvds with his head (similar links)

Victoria Secrets (Funny Links)

funny VS spot on an airport (similar links)

Skydive Mishap (Funny Links)

Idiots in the sky (similar links)

Wazuuup Alien (Funny Links)

Thats all they learned (similar links)

Female Visitor (Funny Links)

Guy gets tricked by his little neighbour (similar links)

Hardcore Hockey-Check (Misc Links)

rough sport (similar links)

Breasts Fetish (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

Ass Darts (Funny Links)

Thats the best idea they ever had (similar links)

Cripple Maker (Misc Links)

is this a regular move (similar links)

Never Party naked (Funny Links)

Partyboy is back (similar links)

The netherlands fire brigade (Funny Links)

more than just firefighters ;) (similar links)

Busty Blonde (NSFW Links)

Busty Blonde Kira stripping down (similar links)

2 second knockout (Funny Links)

what a fight ;) (similar links)

Mission Impossible (Funny Links)

Tom Cruise failed in opening a car door (similar links)

Cameltoes (Funny Links)

Thats how we love it (similar links)

Samuel L Jackson Beer (Funny Links)

Chappelle presents the best beer of the world ;) (similar links)

Steve O leaked (Funny Links)

he is so funny when he is drunk...25k$ fee for this (similar links)

Crazy Japanese Gameshow (Funny Links)

I don't get it...library game show...be quiet! So funny (similar links)

Rally Car Crash (Misc Links)

ooooh... (similar links)

Perfect roundhouse ko (Funny Links)

a perfect roundhouse knockout (similar links)

Dollar Illusion (Misc Links)

magical trick with a dollar (similar links)

Find a place of your own (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

College Chickfight (Funny Links)

College Chickfight - girls gone wild (similar links)

Don't feed the dog (Funny Links)

funny ;) (similar links)

Faceplant (Funny Links)

American Idol Faceplant (similar links)

Da da da (Funny Links)

Funny Pepsi soccer commercial (similar links)

Milking the cow (Funny Links)

Try to explain this (similar links)

Men can't babysit (Funny Links)

Funny clip that prooves that men can't take care of babys (similar links)

Paris Music clip (Funny Links)

she really sucks (similar links)

The funniest news bloopers (Funny Links)

The funniest news bloopers (similar links)

Squash Accident (Funny Links)

sport can be so dangerous (similar links)

Alligator Attack (Gore Links)

attacks his master (similar links)

Liquid Nitrogen (Misc Links)

What happens, if you put liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool? (similar links)

Kids are damn funny (Funny Links)

bloopers (similar links)

streaking (Funny Links)

the art of running naked into a soccer game (similar links)

Down under bloopers (Funny Links)

Quick undress (Funny Links)

This guy is ready for action in 7 seconds (similar links)

Scrub hard (Funny Links)

oooooch (similar links)

King of Backflip 2 (Funny Links)

Another candidate (similar links)

A letter to Charles Manson (Weird Links)

about three months ago, i wrote a short letter to charles manson. i never really thought I'd get a response, but i was bored and gave it a try... (similar links)

Her only Chance (Funny Links)

expermental reanimation..lmao! (similar links)

Drive By Hardcore Dancing (Funny Links)

insane drive by hardcore dancing (similar links)

Japanese Toilet Prank (Funny Links)

funny prank in a theme park (similar links)

Flexible Girl (Misc Links)

14 years old and damn flexible (similar links)

Friendship is overated (Funny Links)

pool catapult (similar links)

Caught in the act (Funny Links)

caught masturbating (similar links)

Turkish Highspeed Driving (Misc Links)

driving very fast on a highway (similar links)

Ghostrider (Misc Links)

ghostrider is back (similar links)

Unbreakable (Funny Links)

Drive a Toyota and you'll feel unbreakable (similar links)

superstring (Funny Links)

200k firecrackers (similar links)

Finals Tickets (Funny Links)

Idiot looses his soccer worldcup finals tickets (similar links)

Shannon (NSFW Links)

on Howard Stern (similar links)

Zinedine Zidane flipps out (Misc Links)

Soccer finals yesterday evening. Zinedine Zidanes red card after a very superspecial brutal foul ;) (similar links)

Air Crash Compilation (Misc Links)

Heavy mid-air crashes (similar links)

The smell of success (Funny Links)

funny chips commercial (similar links)

Solving Problems (Funny Links)

The Zidane way (similar links)

Beatboxing parrot (Funny Links)

awesome bird (similar links)

A day in the life of Britney Spears (Funny Links)

funny spoof (similar links)

Disco Roller (Funny Links)

funny netherlands... (similar links)

Uniform Fantasy (Funny Links)

The hard or the easy way? (similar links)

If theres a will... (Funny Links)

haha...eeew...nasty commercial (similar links)

I'm her daddy (Funny Links)

Don't judge to quickly commercial (similar links)

So easy for animals (Funny Links)

funny sterilization commercial (similar links)

Tongue Monster (Misc Links)

wow...acrobatics! (similar links)

Video Phone (Funny Links)

funny "get broadband" commercial (similar links)

Cubicle War (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

Lucky Clothes (Funny Links)

I need those clothes too (similar links)

Dangerous Toy (Funny Links)

Boy has a big snake to play with (similar links)

No one likes referees (Funny Links)

really no one (similar links)

Going down with the reserve (Misc Links)

This guy has serious problems with his paraglider! (similar links)

Thirsty (Funny Links)

thirsty guy empties bottle (similar links)

Woman gives birth to rabbit (Funny Links)

awesome trick ;) (similar links)

Wow vs Guildwars (Funny Links)

can'T touch this (similar links)

Porn Flakes (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

Sexy Magic (Funny Links)

This is sexy funny magic ;) (similar links)

The main difference between an iron and a mobile (Funny Links)

ouch...but know he knows the difference (similar links)

Nagafuky Suprise (Funny Links)

Sushi rule #1: Never order something you don'T know ;) (similar links)

Price is right (Funny Links)

this girl is so damn stupid! (similar links)

MI:3 Spoof (Funny Links)

Jessica Alba in MTV MI:3 spoof, funny! (similar links)

Pussycat Boys (Funny Links)

Not as sexy as the girls, but funny as hell (similar links)

Centrifuge Training (Funny Links)

first time airforce military training (similar links)

Devil Food (Funny Links)

Funny wedding tart prank! (similar links)

Terrorist Bloopers (Funny Links)

funny terrorist spoof (similar links)

Lucky Louie (Funny Links)

great tactics (similar links)

This guy swallowes everything (Cool Links)

Bad Moments (Funny Links)

funny bad moments (similar links)

Internet is a nasty place (Funny Links)

Chapelle Show - nasty internet (similar links)

Old traditions (Funny Links)

There are some nasty old traditions (similar links)

Albert Einstein Robot (Funny Links)

perfect albert einstein robot (similar links)

Robo Dance Competition (Cool Links)

crazy finals (similar links)

Aroma Therapy Candles (Funny Links)

What makes driving more joyable? funny commercial (similar links)

Japanese High Jump (Funny Links)

crazy japanese show (similar links)

Double Suicide (Weird Links)

Japanese pilot double suicide (similar links)

Shower Prank (Funny Links)

funny shower prank (similar links)

Sudden Death (Funny Links)

It could happen so fast (similar links)

Pole Dance Face Plant (Funny Links)

so funny amateur accident (similar links)

Awesome rack! (NSFW Links)

wow! no words to say (similar links)

This is how Paris gets punked (Funny Links)

the full clip (similar links)

Cheerleader Legbreak (Gore Links)

heavy accident during performance (similar links)

Warhammer (Misc Links)

Shocking Warhammer Explosion (similar links)

Double Trouble (NSFW Links)

2 hot girls (similar links)

Oh fuck (Funny Links)

nice crash (similar links)

Reporter gets nailed (Funny Links)

Female reporter gets nailed (similar links)

Women can drive (Funny Links)

have i ever said something different? (similar links)

Kitchen Fun (Funny Links)

3 sexy kittens having fun in the kitchen (similar links)

If it takes longer (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

Cheerleader Wrestling (Funny Links)

2 blonde pale girls wrestling (similar links)

Materazzi Nike commercial (Funny Links)

I wonder what Zidane does next... (similar links)

Marco Turbo (Funny Links)

The fastest window cleaner! Amazing! (similar links)

Drunk people pranks (Funny Links)

Various pranks on drunk people (similar links)

Expect the unexptected (Funny Links)

funny commercial (similar links)

F1 Song (Funny Links)

F1 engine performs god save the queen (similar links)

Someone called a taxi? (Funny Links)

no one? (similar links)

Dog Bowling (Funny Links)

bowling with dogs ;) (similar links)

Dymo Labeler (Funny Links)

Nasty commercial with old people (similar links)

Know whats on the other site! (Funny Links)

A guy gets a buisness call when doing ill (similar links)

Bud Light Pole (Funny Links)

This is not what you think it is (similar links)

Train vs Truck (Misc Links)

Amazing accident. Truck driver ignores stopping signals (similar links)

2 faced cat (Misc Links)

crazy cat mutant (similar links)

Dave Chapelle - Ribs (Funny Links)

Chapelle Show - Ribs (similar links)

Guitar and marionette (Funny Links)

This is the funniest show I`ve seen for a long time. Well syncronized and damn funny! (similar links)

The magnet (Funny Links)

a guy swallows a magnet... (similar links)

Turkey vs Cops (Funny Links)

Turkey attacks cops (similar links)

Lip Sync (Funny Links)

This little girl has a perfect performance, until the end... (similar links)

We found Jesus (Funny Links)

In a terriers butt (similar links)

Der Untergang (Funny Links)

Funny spoof of the german movie (similar links)

Dancing Polar Bear (Funny Links)

This bear has groove (similar links)

Rock on (Funny Links)

security cam hits dancing employee (similar links)

Bad driving (Misc Links)

This clips shows true animated drive skills...very cool video (similar links)

Everydays Picture (Funny Links)

Ben takes a picture of himself every day in a funny way (similar links)

Webcam Fun (Funny Links)

You can have so much fun with your webcam (similar links)

Amazing Baseball Catches (Funny Links)

6 clips in a row (similar links)

Car vs train (Misc Links)

guess who crashes (similar links)

Restless Legs syndrome (Funny Links)

funny syndrome domino (similar links)

Movie Mistakes (Funny Links)

3 clips full of hollywood movie mistakes (similar links)

100 shots of beer (Funny Links)

in 100 minutes (similar links)

Jane Spinner - Top Cock (Funny Links)

She had something on her mind (similar links)

Big Brother Croatia Girl eats it (Funny Links)

Cute girl tries to make a strip and eats it (similar links)

Happy Morning (Funny Links)

Funny coffee commercial with a lot of sun (similar links)

Got Milk? (Funny Links)

Milk is for babys (similar links)

Last time (Funny Links)

oh my goodness, horny old lady ;) haha..this is funny (similar links)

Bad Landing (Funny Links)

Who does he thought he is? Superman? (similar links)

Fast Girl (Funny Links)

playing a very fast game (similar links)

Master of Dice (Misc Links)

Really good skills (similar links)

Parallel Parkin Device (Funny Links)

A good invention for women (similar links)

Translator Helen (Funny Links)

Tate at her best: She speaks 7 languages ;) (similar links)

A phone can safe life (Funny Links)

sometimes ;) (similar links)

Extreme Snowride (Misc Links)

This guy is insane (similar links)

Sexy fitness (Funny Links)

This guy nails several women every night..his secret? (similar links)

The annoying devil (Funny Links)

a great compilation of all the Annoying Devil episodes. Funny as hell ;) (similar links)

Funny Pepsi commercial (Funny Links)

A hot beach chick is thirsty (similar links)

Stranger Rodeo (Funny Links)

Find a tall stranger and count the seconds on his back! (similar links)

Street Fight Knockouts (Gore Links)

Brutal streetfight knockouts (similar links)

Jump over cars failed (Funny Links)

failed stunts (similar links)

Japanese Rollercoastersupermarket (Funny Links)

crazy japans (similar links)

Soccer Skills (Funny Links)

This ball collector has insane soccer skills (similar links)

Bunny Boiler (Funny Links)

Balls of Stell is back with a funny idea (similar links)

Banana Deepthroat (Funny Links)

Eat more bananas girls ;) (similar links)

Quizmaster (Funny Links)

funny tv-telefone answers (similar links)

3 little pigs (Funny Links)

The christmas story (similar links)

What if chatrooms... (Funny Links)

...are real? (similar links)

Ghostriding the Volvo (Funny Links)

Moving is a hard faith (similar links)

Domestic Violence (Funny Links)

Funny Australian Commercial (similar links)

Casper The Douchebag Ghost (Funny Links)

Robot Chicken at Casper (similar links)

Pole dance class (Funny Links)

The hilarious Chelsea Handler went to a pole/strip dancing class. Maybe you can learn something too. (similar links)

Evolution of no beauty (Funny Links)

remember the dove commercial? (similar links)

Hu's in China? (Funny Links)

Bush is upset (similar links)

New Screamer (Funny Links)

A new horribly screamer, girl gets pranked (similar links)

Bumped (Funny Links)

Red means red, boy. Car learns flying (similar links)

E36 (Cool Links)

FAst BMW racecar (similar links)

Russian ArmWrestling (Funny Links)

Thats how they do it in Russia (similar links)

Voodo (Funny Links)

Thats why all guys should wear Levi's Jeans (similar links)

Superthin (Funny Links)

Funny condom commercial (similar links)

Paintball Headshot (Funny Links)

This idiot managed to headshot himself! Painfull accident (similar links)

Don'T feed the birds (Funny Links)

As mom told you twice before ;) (similar links)

Milk Thief (Funny Links)

don't drink the milk of others ;) (similar links)

Robochicken Jaws (Funny Links)

Robochicken does Jaws (similar links)

Sulphur Hexafluoride (Funny Links)

The worlds heaviest gas in a funny experiment (similar links)

Poker Chip Tricks (Cool Links)

This guy has finger skills! (similar links)

Selfmade Jet Pack (Funny Links)

Thats definitely the next thing I need! (similar links)

Goth chick busts cheating boyfriend (Funny Links)

Oh my goodness, this angelface goth chick is really upset (similar links)

Playground Bloopers (Funny Links)

Some funny playground bloopers (similar links)

Skittles Leak (Funny Links)

Funny skittles commercial (similar links)

Special Room Service (Funny Links)

This maid does everything to satisfy the hotel guests (similar links)

Jeep Crashing (Funny Links)

What would you do with an old rusty Jeep? (similar links)

Shocking Ski Accident (Misc Links)

This russian ski jumper crashed in front of the shocked viewers (similar links)

Crazy Girl at American Idol (Funny Links)

Oh my goodness, this girl is crazy! (similar links)

Water Accidents (Funny Links)

Funny water accidents compilation (similar links)

Carmen Electra (Funny Links)

does funny Lonelygirl spoof (similar links)

Weired Indian Glue Ad (Funny Links)

What's the message of this funny commercial? (similar links)

Laptop Explosion (Misc Links)

Have to check my battery packs right now! (similar links)

Riding the robot (Funny Links)

Guy rides car construction robot! (similar links)

Crack my pokerface (Funny Links)

Crappy competition and this granny totally sucks, but she did it! (similar links)

Bubble Bath (Funny Links)

The perfect home show prank (similar links)

School Bus Late? (Funny Links)

I guess this one will be just in time! (similar links)

240ft Ski Freefall (Cool Links)

This guy really has nuts! (similar links)

Streakers Love Story (Funny Links)

Weired love story on two soccer streakers (similar links)

Ski Mobile Crash (Funny Links)

This guy is just a waste of skin but the crash is awesome! (similar links)

Japanese Catapult (Funny Links)

this looks really scary (similar links)

Smalltalk (Funny Links)

And you thought your office is strange? (similar links)

Funny Vista Speech Recognition (Funny Links)

great software! (similar links)

Lucy Pinder all over wet (NSFW Links)

Lucy famously refuses to show her nipples. That was why the wet shirt was invented! Genius! (similar links)

I love the beach (NSFW Links)

tastes like summer! (similar links)

Japanese Car tow (Funny Links)

Thats how they tow your car in Okinawa-Japan (similar links)

Zeroes (Funny Links)

Heroes parody. Ordinary people with pointless abilities (similar links)

Tongue (Funny Links)

Which of these two girls has the longest tongue? Freaks of nature! (similar links)

Knock and don't run (Funny Links)

New urban sport: Try in front of the door as long as you can (similar links)

Biker falls off ramp (Misc Links)

Biker looses control on the ramp (similar links)

Big Party (Funny Links)

This guy knows to rock! (similar links)

So horny (NSFW Links)

Julie is 'so horny' (similar links)

Don't forget (Funny Links)

Funny commercial about don't forgetting special women days! (similar links)

High Speed Biker (Misc Links)

Turns to bits and pieces! (similar links)

Vida Guerra 2007 (NSFW Links)

New Vida video of 2007's photoshoot (similar links)

Southpark - Wheel of Fortune (Funny Links)

Southpark uses the N* word (similar links)

Dumb Robber (Funny Links)

Men are all like men ;) (similar links)

Worlds Biggest Shotguns (Funny Links)

Needs 2 men to move (similar links)

Strip Poker (Funny Links)

Feel young again (similar links)

Bikini Cricket (Funny Links)

I've tried to watch cricket several times. I've tried to have people explain it to me several times. It never made sense... until now. (similar links)

Escalator Skiing (Funny Links)

Funny London tube escalator skiing (similar links)

Slalom Nutshot (Funny Links)

French skier Yannick Bertrand straddles the gate and takes a mean shot to the groin during his super-g attempt in Kvitfjell, Norway. He did not finish the race. (similar links)

Gay Test (Funny Links)

Just a test... (similar links)

Robot Chicken - Sports Bloopers (Funny Links)

Funny new Robot Chicken Episode on sports bloopers (similar links)

Innovative Touchscreen (Misc Links)

The newest invention is this innovative touchscreen (similar links)

Hungry? (Funny Links)

Hungry at work? Fool your boss! (similar links)

Boxhead - The rooms (Game Links)

Try to kill all zombies around you (similar links)

Car Bowling goes wrong (Funny Links)

My brother decided it would be a good idea to roll a bowling bar from a fast moving car onto a launch ramp. (similar links)

Brooke Hogan (Cool Links)

Hulk Hogans little daughter has become a hottie (similar links)

Jamie Hammer 11 (NSFW Links)

The fresh Jamie Hammer video (similar links)

Milk Boobs (NSFW Links)

Boobs and tons of milk (similar links)

Smart Dog (Funny Links)

Thats the smartest dog I've ever seen (similar links)

Speedpainting (Cool Links)

Cool speedpainting - Bruce Lee (similar links)

Brunette Big Boobs (NSFW Links)

Big boobed Brunette showing her cleavage (similar links)

Sex in the car (Funny Links)

There is a lot of room in here (similar links)

Owned Compilation (Cool Links)

Accidents, accidents and some accidents (similar links)

The new guy prank (Funny Links)

This clip is awesome funny, still laughing my ass out. A guy gets totally pranked in the kitchen.. (similar links)

Prison Currishness (Funny Links)

There are some rules in prison you should not break (similar links)

Think before you post (Misc Links)

2 clips about blogging! (similar links)

Bad Slide! (Funny Links)

Got annoying kids? Let them slide... (similar links)

Bill Dance Fishing Bloopers (Funny Links)

latest Bill Dance fishing accidents (similar links)

Highjump could be so easy (Funny Links)

As long as you hit the meadow (similar links)

Top10 Hollywood Lesbian Scenes (Cool Links)

Videoproofed Top10 Hollywood lesbian scenes (similar links)

Skater Faceplants Off Wall (Gore Links)

This skater jumps off a wall and lands face first onto the concrete landing. The kid is lucky that he didnt snap his back in half. (similar links)

F-You traffic report (Funny Links)

Funny Metro traffic report blooper (similar links)

Arielle Kebbel (NSFW Links)

Hot actress photoshooting! (similar links)

Dangerous Slide (Gore Links)

Some idiots entered a closed water park and started sliding on a closed slide...ouch! (similar links)

The drunkest Hoff you will ever see (Funny Links)

David Hasselhoff totally drunk (similar links)

Full Metal Jacket Wii (Funny Links)

A Stanley Kubrick Game... (similar links)

Giselle in Leopard (NSFW Links)

Uberbitch Giselle stripping in hot leopard lingerie (similar links)

Invention of Pool (Funny Links)

Funny Guiness commercials on how Pool was invented (similar links)

Manstrokewomen (Funny Links)

Funny Nic Frost in the park (similar links)

Sexy Silvana (NSFW Links)

The hottest amateur striptease this week is from our hottie Silvana (similar links)

Nude Angel (NSFW Links)

Finally she made a nude cam video..hot! (similar links)

Top3 Jessica Biel sexy moments (Misc Links)

Jessica Biel made a lot of sexy scenes, here comes the top3! (similar links)

Hot or pervert? (Misc Links)

I don't know if this is hot or pervert, but she's got the perfect shaved mouth for my spoon! (similar links)

Hammertime (Funny Links)

This prank goes totally wrong! Ouch! (similar links)

Japan Torture (Funny Links)

This is how you torture poor, quiet Japanese gentlemen: By forcing them to lie under Hitomi Aizawa, the gorgeous bikini model, without taking a look at her giant boobs! (similar links)

Scare Compilation (Funny Links)

Brand New Scare Compilation, people jumping off their seats and screaming like little girls, classic! (similar links)

Mythbusters Faceplant (Funny Links)

This clip always cracks me up (similar links)

Laser magic (Funny Links)

I've seen a lot of magic shows, but this concept is new! (similar links)

Dear Miriam (Funny Links)

Nothing more but a text from a newsletter article, but damn funny! Dear Miriam... (similar links)

Prison Break - Panda Edition (Funny Links)

I always knew this animals are criminal (similar links)

Russian 300 (Funny Links)

Mix some Russian brutality with the 300 trailer (similar links)

Central Park Mortal Combat (Funny Links)

Two men sparing in Central Park, New York City, unaware of... (similar links)

Top50 Sport Bloopers (Funny Links)

The Top50 sports performance bloopers (similar links)

Pixar - Lifted (Funny Links)

Pixar's new animation (similar links)

How to be the perfect girlfriend (Funny Links)

Since man ran naked on the veldt he has changed very little. Sure, he's harnessed fire, built the pyramids, and walked on the moon, but he's still a caveman at heart. His needs haven't really changed for thousands of years: food, beer, women. But how i (similar links)

Flying Trampoline Back Smash (Funny Links)

What exactly is it going to take to make trampolines illegal? This kid gets triple bounced and tries to grab a tree, he ends up crashing down on his back.
(similar links)

Molotov Golf (Funny Links)

Golf's going to be our favorite sports (similar links)

Tennis Birdie (Funny Links)

Tennis player kills pigeon! (similar links)

Sienna Miller topless (NSFW Links)

Sienna Miller does some topless tanning (similar links)

The Daily Show - Iraq is the new Indiana (Funny Links)

Rob Riggle gave his first officially report from Baghdad last night, confirming the infomercial type claims made by Traitor Joe and specifically Mike Pence, that Iraq is just like Indiana. Guess what... (similar links)

Belly Flops (Funny Links)

A tribute to the body flops (similar links)

Pansy Boxer Bails Out (Funny Links)

The strategy of running for his life almost worked. Til he got Hackney'd. (similar links)

It's her only chance (Funny Links)

We need more meds like him! (similar links)

Return of the King Easteregg (Funny Links)

Watch Elijah Wood getting fooled in a really funny way (similar links)

Bad Curve (Funny Links)

Difficult rally curve! (similar links)

Hey There Chlamydia (Funny Links)

Itching funny song (similar links)

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