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Username: gozino Total Dumped: 41

Links Dumped:

Weird Japanese Commercial (Weird Links)

One of the stranger Japanese commercial I have seen (similar links)

Crazy Machine Gun (Weird Links)

Unbelievable Machine Gun [video] (similar links)

Freaky River (Weird Links)

Freaky River. Watch this amazing video. (similar links)

What you want? (Funny Links)

This guy only wanted to see the television. Really funny (similar links)

Cops Accident (Cool Links)

Cops Fall From Lift [video] (similar links)

Nailed by a Horse (Cool Links)

News reporter getting owned by a horse [video] (similar links)

Hungry Dog (Weird Links)

I`ve never seen such a hungry dog [video] (similar links)

Bear attack (Cool Links)

Bear Attack During a TV Show (similar links)

Scorpion Eater (Weird Links)

Guy eats live scorpions (similar links)

Angry Sheep (Funny Links)

Angry Sheep vs Car (similar links)

Tough Fight (Cool Links)

Two Bears Fighting (similar links)

Bad Luck [video] (Funny Links)

Eight Ball Down and Up (similar links)

Recruitment Campaign (Funny Links)

Ukranian Recruitment Video (similar links)

Crazy Mini (Funny Links)

The Funniest Car Ever (similar links)

UFO Prank (Funny Links)

Funny prank video (similar links)

Alien Fish (Weird Links)

Alien fish found in Turkey (similar links)

Jerry's Store-O-Rama (Funny Links)

Very nice commercial (similar links)

Ultimate peeping tom video (Funny Links)

This is a great peeping tom video (similar links)

Horney Gorilla (Funny Links)

Gorilla gets rejected (similar links)

Human Dominoes (Funny Links)

Funny Miller Beer commercial (similar links)

Truck Flips (Cool Links)

A truck flips during a police chase (similar links)

Amazing car climbing (Cool Links)

Drive Straight Up the Mountain (similar links)

Painful face plant (Funny Links)

When impressing the girls go wrong (similar links)

Pigeon Man (Cool Links)

Poor man is is followed by pigeons everywhere (similar links)

Police Dogs Training (Cool Links)

Very bad dogs (similar links)

Ping Pong Player (Funny Links)

Very Funny Dog Food Commercial (similar links)

Smart Women (Funny Links)

Very good commercial (similar links)

Bacardi Commercial (Cool Links)

Really Cool Commercial (similar links)

Crazy Horse (Cool Links)

Rodeo Accident (similar links)

Vietnam dead cows transport (Cool Links)

This is how they transport dead cows in Vietnam (similar links)

Robbing A Money Truck (Funny Links)

It is so easy to make one a robber in a sec! (similar links)

Watch out for deer (Cool Links)

Deer jump over motorcycle (similar links)

Window Washer Gone Wild (Cool Links)

Window washer cart loses control (similar links)

Painful Face Plant (Cool Links)

Worst Face Plant Ever (similar links)

Photo Booth Prank (Funny Links)

A pretty clever photo booth prank (similar links)

Rolling Iceberg (Cool Links)

Rolling Iceberg Caught on Tape (similar links)

Bomb squad kills cats (Weird Links)

Bomb Squad Blows up a Box with Cats inside by Mistake (similar links)

Lighting Strikes Car (Cool Links)

Lighting strikes this car twice (similar links)

Gravitational anomaly (Weird Links)

Gravitational anomaly in Gunsight mine (similar links)

Too Much Weight (Cool Links)

Very Painful Weight Lifting Accident (similar links)

Very Drunk Driver (Funny Links)

Dumb drunk guy tries to run from cops (similar links)

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