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Username: ninjatune Total Dumped: 199

Links Dumped:

The newest Owned Picture (Funny Links)

The latest and greatest Owned picture ! (similar links)

Some sparkling asian dudes in tighty whities ! (Weird Links)

I want whatever they're smoking. (similar links)

Elite hax0r (Funny Links)

no network is too secure for this guy ! (similar links)

Skimboarding in a ditch on rails (Cool Links)

Check these guys and girls skimboarding in some ditch. (similar links)

Beached Whale Pictures (Cool Links)

Awesome pictures of a beached whale close up ! (similar links)

Granny car hauls ass (Cool Links)

This is one really fast granny car ! (similar links)

Home made robot (Cool Links)

This mech warrior was made by a man in Japan ! (similar links)

Funny low fat sealect tuna commercial (Funny Links)

This HOT chick has a surprise ! (similar links)

RC car smoke show (Cool Links)

Not bad for a little toy ! (similar links)

Off roading SUV takes a leap of faith (Cool Links)

Watch these idiots destroy their parents car. (similar links)

Dukes of Hazard Movie drifting out take (Cool Links)

Hilarious video of the boys peeling around a corner in city traffic ! (similar links)

Hulk Hogan Cheerios commercial (Funny Links)

This commercial brings me back to the good ol days. (similar links)

Britney Spears burps like a man (Funny Links)

She lets one rip ! (similar links)

US Soldiers skateboarding on Iraq rooftop (Cool Links)

These guys are putting one of Saddam's Palaces to good use. (similar links)

Tina Lee - Hottest Asian soul train dancer (Cool Links)

This girl is smoking hot (similar links)

A classic Knight Rider toy commercial (Cool Links)

They don't make toys like this anymore ! (similar links)

POS chevette takes a dirt jump (Cool Links)

What rednecks do for fun (similar links)

Welcome to the Danger Zone (Cool Links)

A great skydiving video (similar links)

Smashy Smashy (Cool Links)

Guy smashes his own back car window while driving (similar links)

An early 90s anti-piracy commercial (Funny Links)

What the hell were they thinking on this one ? (similar links)

Girl breaks chopsticks with her buttcrack ! (Funny Links)

She has this technique down ! (similar links)

A collection of close-up tornadoes (Cool Links)

Real life amateur footage (similar links)

The real Karate Kid (Cool Links)

I wouldn't pick a fight with this kid (similar links)

The new Carrera GT (Cool Links)

This is the nicest car ever ! (similar links)

Shark Attack (Cool Links)

All that is left behind is a bloody mess (similar links)

Star Wars Holiday Special (Cool Links)

The one thing Mr Lucas regrets making (similar links)

God hates Canada (Cool Links)

The sky is falling ! (similar links)

Japanese Clown Toilet (Funny Links)

Now this ain't right ! (similar links)

Drunk Kid Smashes face (Funny Links)

He will definatly be hurting in the morning. (similar links)

Creepy album covers (Funny Links)

The most strange album covers of all time (similar links)

Ice fishing fiasco (Cool Links)

The killer whale always gets his man. (similar links)

The F-22 Fighter Jet (Cool Links)

A great video demonstrating its combat abilities (similar links)

Why you shouldn't wear baggy clothes (Cool Links)

This guys stashes around 10 guns in his pants ! (similar links)

Owned by a pole (Funny Links)

This athlete gets his crotch crushed big time. (similar links)

WW2 Gun Bunker Pics (Cool Links)

It's riddled with bullet holes (similar links)

Fun with dynamite (Cool Links)

Various sticks of dynamite blowing stuff up. (similar links)

Downhill couch racing (Funny Links)

What a painful ending to a crazy ride. (similar links)

Rocket Go Cart (Cool Links)

This cannot be safe. (similar links)

Bin Ladens Hot niece (Cool Links)

She speaks out on some talkshow. (similar links)

Toilet Bowl Restaurant (Funny Links)

Waiter, There's something floating in my plate ! (similar links)

Sexy Jeep commercial (Funny Links)

Sex does sell ! (similar links)

Snowboard the streets (Cool Links)

Carve on concrete (similar links)

Swingless Golf Club (Cool Links)

Golf just got easier. (similar links)

Sexy cafeteria girl (Funny Links)

She's so sassy ! (similar links)

Ronnie the worlds largest man (Cool Links)

Too many steroids. (similar links)

Lohan's Comeback (NSFW Links)

She's looking good. (similar links)

Paris Hilton search results (Funny Links)

Google doesn't like her either. (similar links)

Crazy Ferrari crash (Cool Links)

How not to park a Ferrari. (similar links)

Two way TV (Cool Links)

Watch 2 programs on the same screen at the same time. (similar links)

Terrible UPS service (Funny Links)

I'm not using them anymore after seeing this. (similar links)

Copy machine transformer (Funny Links)

Don't mess with this machine. (similar links)

Iraq war footage compilation (Cool Links)

Way to go boys. (similar links)

The penis couch (Funny Links)

Everyone should have one of these (similar links)

Funny Japanese condoms (Funny Links)

These packages are so crazy. (similar links)

Wicked bike stunts (Cool Links)

Those Ducatti boys sure know how to ride (similar links)

Homemade tazer howto (Cool Links)

Make a tazer from a disposable camera. (similar links)

Got saggy balls ? (Funny Links)

Hilarious commercial spoof. (similar links)

Why women live longer (Funny Links)

What were these guys thinking ? (similar links)

Massive snake attack (Cool Links)

This huge snake attacks an electrical fence (similar links)

Massive explosion compilation (Cool Links)

Another compilation to music video. (similar links)

Fedex box furniture (Cool Links)

Apparently this guy is getting sued for this. (similar links)

Teleportation magic trick (Cool Links)

I have no idea how he does this. (similar links)

The Clinton voodoo doll (Funny Links)

This explains a lot. (similar links)

Sean Juan clothing (Funny Links)

Mexico's latest clothing line. (similar links)

Kung Fu Jesus (Funny Links)

Thy ass I shall kick. (similar links)

Very Large Fish (Cool Links)

This is more than they bargained for. (similar links)

Hidden in the Iraqi sands (Cool Links)

Look what they dug up ! (similar links)

Amazing body art (Cool Links)

Some of the best tattoos put down on skin (similar links)

Race track pile-up (Cool Links)

A bunch of racers get caught all in the same deadly corner (similar links)

7 deadly smurf sins (Funny Links)

A story of murder and betrayal (similar links)

Super sized objects (Funny Links)

Check out these unusually large objects (similar links)

Homemade hydrogen generator (News Links)

This man is giving us all hope to escape using oil. (similar links)

Cool Ice Sculptures (Cool Links)

The best ice sculptures apparently come from China ! (similar links)

Eating live lizards (Weird Links)

This guy eats them by the dozens. (similar links)

New UFO pictures (Weird Links)

These were taken over the southern United States. (similar links)

Fuel cell powered mp3 player (Cool Links)

Toshiba should have this ready for 2007 (similar links)

Traffic in Saigon (Cool Links)

These drivers are by far the most crazy on the planet. (similar links)

Darth Vader like you've never seen him before (Funny Links)

What he was really saying during the shooting of the first Star Wars (similar links)

US Government bashing (Funny Links)

John Stewart really lays into them during the Emmys (similar links)

It's a strange world (Funny Links)

Check out these crazy pictures (similar links)

Man made crop circles (Cool Links)

These are works of art. (similar links)

Cashier gets served (Cool Links)

She gets a brick to the face...and gets knocked out. (similar links)

Amazing Lava photos (Cool Links)

So upclose you can feel the heat. (similar links)

Check the hydros on this ride (Cool Links)

This can can jump higher than me. (similar links)

Ultimate sausage fest (Funny Links)

I'm glad I didn't get invited to this party. (similar links)

Paint Ball Bazooka (Cool Links)

I need to get one of these. (similar links)

Fastest and quickest roller coaster (Cool Links)

183 km/h, 45 stories tall (similar links)

Revenge of the wife (Funny Links)

This guy is sleeping in the dog house tonight. (similar links)

Surfing an indoor wave (Cool Links)

I want one of these for my home. (similar links)

Cartoon DJ scratch battle (Cool Links)

Head to head (similar links)

Bull vs 2 pitbulls (Weird Links)

These dogs had no idea what they were messing with. (similar links)

Worlds largest stuffed animal (Funny Links)

It takes up a whole hillside
(similar links)

Dog picked a fight with a porcupine (Misc Links)

This poor dog got a face full of pain (similar links)

Interesting Jepordy Wager (Funny Links)

This guy makes an elite bet (similar links)

Trailer Park Boys clip (Funny Links)

A classic scene from the show (similar links)

Python eats an alligator (Cool Links)

No one wins (similar links)

Young and old world leaders (Cool Links)

Taken over the many years of our world leaders (similar links)

UN Smurf bombing video (Cool Links)

These smurfs got owned (similar links)

A plant is growing on his head (Funny Links)

Why someone would want to do this is beyond me (similar links)

Ferrari has a new boat (Cool Links)

Check this new Ferrari speed boat. (similar links)

Go Snail Go (Cool Links)

This snail knows no bounds (similar links)

Crazy truck crashes (Cool Links)

How did they end up like that ? (similar links)

One huge rabbit (Funny Links)

This bunny could feed 20 men. (similar links)

Japanese people work too hard (Funny Links)

Here are the photos to prove it (similar links)

Airplane parking lot (Cool Links)

Largest collection of airplanes I've ever seen ! (similar links)

Notorious BIG Freestyle (Cool Links)

Taken on the streets when he was only 17. (similar links)

Who wants to get tazered (Funny Links)

This guy doesn't know the meaning of no. (similar links)

Trying to escape a police station (Funny Links)

This guy doesn't get very far. (similar links)

Bomb on the soccer field (Funny Links)

A hilarious commercial from the UN (similar links)

Welcome to India (Funny Links)

India's newest underground rapper (similar links)

The next Tony Hawk (Funny Links)

This guy has all the rad moves (similar links)

Horrific sports injuries (Misc Links)

Better put some ice on that (similar links)

Cool Bridge Pictures (Cool Links)

These have quite the unique designs. (similar links)

Mini Sports Cars (Cool Links)

These would be fun to drive in the streets. (similar links)

Japanese parking lot (Cool Links)

Every parking lot should be like this (similar links)

Dual nunchucks (Cool Links)

The video can barely keep up with his fast movements. (similar links)

Base Jumping Compilation (Cool Links)

These guys are crazy ! (similar links)

Digital Monster fight (Misc Links)

not bad for a production put on by kids (similar links)

2 story fall (Funny Links)

This skater falls short of glory, but right on pain (similar links)

200mph drag race crash (Cool Links)

Both drivers managed to escape death. (similar links)

Huge Rail Bail (Cool Links)

This skateboarder takes a nasty fall down a huge rail. (similar links)

Cool Graffiti Art (Cool Links)

Street art you can appreciate (similar links)

Motorbike crash (Misc Links)

How did the bike end up in the middle of the car ? (similar links)

Arizona gun club (Cool Links)

These people are armed to the teeth (similar links)

Kiteboarding Video Compilation (Cool Links)

Kiteboarding looks like so much fun (similar links)

Paris Riot Pictures (News Links)

Its going to be a hot time in the city tonight (similar links)

Amazing Soccer Juggling (Cool Links)

No one can work a ball like this guy (similar links)

Guns For Iraqis (Funny Links)

Should Iraqis have the right to bare arms ? (similar links)

Massive Helicopter Guns (Cool Links)

Take a trip inside the gun seat (similar links)

Britney Spears has fake boobs (Funny Links)

They start moving on their own on SNL (similar links)

Dangerous Highway Driving (Cool Links)

Two cars race at high speeds through heavy traffic (similar links)

Mexicans Taking Over Your Job ? (Funny Links)

Learn to speak wetback and live like a king ! (similar links)

Trailer Park Boys Movie (Funny Links)

This is the trailer for the upcoming movie (similar links)

Amazing Break Dance Battle (Cool Links)

2 bboys battle for respect (similar links)

Urban Jungle Gym (Cool Links)

The city is their playground (similar links)

Ski hill in the desert ! (Cool Links)

Check out this machine made ski hill (similar links)

Snake Ends Up In A Spiderweb (Weird Links)

I guess size doesn't matter after all (similar links)

Kids Scared Of Santa Clause (Funny Links)

These poor children are so terrified (similar links)

William Shatner In Seven (Funny Links)

The movie remake starring all Shatner (similar links)

My Humps Remix (Funny Links)

This music video will leave you speachless (similar links)

Miss America 2006 Contestants (Misc Links)

This year ain't looking so good (similar links)

Freezing Rain Aftermath (Cool Links)

This ice storm left nothing untouched in its path of destruction (similar links)

Stewie Burns Brian About His Book (Funny Links)

Another hilarious clip from the best show on TV. (similar links)

Freaky Liquid Metal (Cool Links)

Ferrofluid sculptures by two Japanese artists that move like something out of a science fiction movie (similar links)

Not Bullet Proof (Cool Links)

Bullets slicing through various objects caught on film (similar links)

Sexy Cannon Camera Commercial (Misc Links)

I'm definitley going to need to grab one of these cameras ! (similar links)

Angelina Jolie at 18 (Cool Links)

These pictures are a blast from her past (similar links)

Bill Gates Coke Commercial (Funny Links)

Can anyone spare Bill a dollar ? (similar links)

Cool Underground Tunnels (Cool Links)

Check out these amazing abandoned subway tunnels (similar links)

Jim Morrisons Ghost (Weird Links)

This guy claims to have a picture of Jims ghost (similar links)

Extreme Wigger Syndrome (Funny Links)

This guy gets his mom to take all his photos (similar links)

Fake OJ Simpson (Funny Links)

This guy makes people believe he's OJ (similar links)

Yoda Break Dancing (Funny Links)

He busts a few moves with some stormtroopers (similar links)

Don't mess with baby Stewie (Funny Links)

This is what happens when you're in debt to the almighty Stewie. (similar links)

Surprise Party Goes Wrong (Funny Links)

This is not how you want to get busted by your friends (similar links)

Wigger Music Video (Funny Links)

These guys really don't like wiggers (similar links)

Axe Up His Nose (Funny Links)

This guy can say good-bye to his brain cells (similar links)

Simpsons take a shot at Family Guy (Funny Links)

They also take a shot at a few other cartoon characters.They also take a shot at a few other cartoon characters. (similar links)

Double Jointed Neck (Weird Links)

This is just nasty ! (similar links)

The faces of Meth (Weird Links)

12 good reasons not to take Meth (similar links)

Scary Pitbull Attack (Misc Links)

Luckily the kid gets away without too many injuries. (similar links)

Cutie gymnast doing stunts (Cool Links)

This cutie gets tossed around doing twirls and all sorts of stunts. (similar links)

4 Sided Guitar Solo (Cool Links)

This guy rocks out harder than anyone in the history of rocking. (similar links)

4 Girls Fighting (Misc Links)

This is the slap fest to end all slap fests. (similar links)

Crazy Rope Swing (Cool Links)

These brave souls swing about from under this huge bridge. (similar links)

Super Fat Kitty (Funny Links)

Somebody get this guy on a diet! (similar links)

Snowboarding Trick Contest (Cool Links)

Check out this wicked trick contest in the middle of the summer heat. (similar links)

Russian Tunnel Traffic Accidents (Cool Links)

A camera captures tons of insane car crashes in this small tunnel. (similar links)

DDR Freestyle Battle (Funny Links)

A street DDR battle turns raw when someone jumps on his game. (similar links)

Harmonica Beatbox Session (Cool Links)

This guy has definatly done his practice...what an amazing talent. (similar links)

Moose In A Car (Weird Links)

How did this Moose end up in the drivers seat of this car? (similar links)

3000 iBooks in a classroom (Cool Links)

This High School class has a mac addiction. (similar links)

The Ghetto Leprachaun (News Links)

He's been creepin in da hood with his pot of bling. (similar links)

The Babe Boat (NSFW Links)

This yacht comes with everything you need! (similar links)

Military Barrier test (Cool Links)

This should put a damper on some of the suicide attacks. (similar links)

Nascar wall crash (Cool Links)

This driver crashes at high speeds into a wall and is lucky to survive. (similar links)

Midget Kiss Cover Band (Funny Links)

These littles guys rock harder than the real band. (similar links)

Pretty Bad Weather (Cool Links)

Bad weather has never looked so good! (similar links)

Rally Car Nails A Bystander (Funny Links)

I hope the rally driver has insurance because he is definatly getting a lawsuit thrown at him. (similar links)

Insane Race Car Crash (Cool Links)

The guy escaped without much injury, but is very lucky to be alive. (similar links)

Underground Naval Base (Cool Links)

Take a peek into Swedens naval base Musko (similar links)

GWAR Interview (Weird Links)

One of the most crazy rock bands to hit the stage (similar links)

Trained Gold Fish (Weird Links)

These guys are more obedient than your pet dog. (similar links)

CamWithHer Girls Compilation (NSFW Links)

Check out this hot 6 minute clip! (similar links)

Peter Griffin Speaks At Harvard (Funny Links)

Check out this hilarious part of Seth Mcfarlenes speech at Harvard. (similar links)

Internet humor at its finest (Funny Links)

Random pictures collected from forums (similar links)

Busty Webcam Slut Taylor (NSFW Links)

A hot slideshow of all her hottest pictures! (similar links)

Doogie Howser Is A Killing Machine (Funny Links)

Watch Doogie rip a mans heart out while Dave Chapelle looks on in horror. (similar links)

Oiled Up Booty Shakin (NSFW Links)

A booty so shiny and so bouncy you will be hypnotized (similar links)

Boobs That Can Kill (Funny Links)

This woman has a giant pair of deadly weapons. (similar links)

The Church Of Bones (Cool Links)

A Church in Russian made entirely out of bones! (similar links)

Hot blonde lesbians fucking (NSFW Links)

These hotties scream in pleasure as they play with each other. (similar links)

Pamela Anderson Loves Google (Cool Links)

Check out her sexy Google sponsored dress! (similar links)

Painful Snake Bite In The Stomach (Cool Links)

This guy lets his pet snake take a chunk out of his stomach (similar links)

The girls of Miss Universe 2006 (Cool Links)

Looks like its going to be a hot year! (similar links)

UFO In Iraq (Weird Links)

Military bombers caught this on film while bombing in Iraq (similar links)

New Cutest Kitten Contender (Funny Links)

This has got to be the cutest kitten ever! (similar links)

Cigerette Smoking Pug (Funny Links)

Candidate for the worlds first dog to contract lung cancer. (similar links)

New BMW M3 Spy Video (Cool Links)

Take a sneak peek at the new BMW M3 coming out in 2007 (similar links)

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