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Username: owningmonkey Total Dumped: 44

Links Dumped:

Blown Away (Funny Links)

Guy is blowing up a little boat.. then he gets a big suprise. (similar links)

Armless Guy Playing Guitar With His Feet (Cool Links)

This guy plays the guitar better with his feet then most people can with hands (similar links)

South Park: Mom, Bathroom (Funny Links)

What do the characters of south park do when they are playing games and have to go to the bathroom (similar links)

Why 14 Year Olds Dont Drive (Funny Links)

Kid wrecks his dads brand new 50,000 dollar car. (similar links)

Seinfeld: The Lost Episode With Kramer (Funny Links)

Kramer being racist in a lost episode of Seinfeld. This is your chance to see the only episode that is funny. (similar links)

Mike Tyson Interviews (Funny Links)

Interesting but not really shocking interviews of Mike Tyson (similar links)

Plastic Surgery Teen (Cool Links)

Fat teen gets a ton of plastic surgery work, still has an ugly face though (similar links)

My Box In A Box (Funny Links)

Response video to the SNL dick in a box video. (similar links)

Funny Dumb Blonde Commercial (Funny Links)

One of the best dumb blonde commercials ever. Pass this one on. (similar links)

Moron Trying To Do Donuts (Funny Links)

I love watching idiots try and do donuts but instead slam into curbs. (similar links)

Scare Tactics: Haunted House (Funny Links)

Young lady gets the crap scared out of her in a house with ghosts. (similar links)

Dumb Lady On Millionaire (Funny Links)

Dumb lady gets the easiest question wrong. Seriously has to be so embarrassing. (similar links)

American Idol: Ian Bernardo (Funny Links)

The gay guy that tried out for You Think You Can Dance.. thinks he can sing now. (similar links)

Humvee Traffic Driving In Iraq (Cool Links)

American soldiers have to bump other cars in order to get through the streets in Iraq without getting possibly shot at. (similar links)

Family Guy: Best Of Stewie (Funny Links)

Funny compilation of some of Stewies best moments. (similar links)

Top Gear: Bugatti Veyron Speed Test (Cool Links)

Top Gear takes the Bugatti Veyron to the limit hitting 250+ mph. (similar links)

Rally Car Jumps 171ft (Cool Links)

A rally car jumps a ramp 171ft, does he walk away? (similar links)

Family Guy: Peter Beats Up Chris' Bully (Funny Links)

Peter gives Chris' bully what he deserves. (similar links)

A Women's Evil Odor (Funny Links)

Her husband gets home at the worst possible time and finds out how violent the odor can be. (similar links)

Terrorist Sniper Vs. Air Support (Cool Links)

Terrorist sniper is spoted and air support is called in to take care of him. (similar links)

Blind Date With A Crack Whore (Funny Links)

White guy has to go on a blind date with a nasty crack whore. (similar links)

The Sexy Deer (Funny Links)

Guys go hunting the day after a close friend just died the day before in a hunting accident. They run across a sexy deer. (similar links)

Chappelle's Show Turn My Headphones Up (Funny Links)

The hottest new rap song Turn My Headphones Up only on the Chappelle's Show. (similar links)

Cop Takes Down Punk Kid (Funny Links)

I think i would have wanted to get shot instead of getting owned like this. (similar links)

Cop Pushes Skateboarder (Funny Links)

Black lady cop pushes over a skateboarder. (similar links)

Cops Beat Up Murderer (Gore Links)

He got what he deserved, hopefully he will warn his fellow inmates to not mess with cops. (similar links)

Sexy Alessandra Ambrosio Compilation (NSFW Links)

Compilation of smoking how model Alessandra Ambrosio. (similar links)

No Beer Today Girls (Funny Links)

Girls walk into a store grab beer and try to walk out with it but they get a little surprise at the door by the clerk. (similar links)

Chappelle's Show: New York Boobs (Funny Links)

Dave Chappelle goes around New York giving ribbons to random girls with the nicest boobs. (similar links)

Prank On Comedian (Funny Links)

One comedian pranks another one by telling the audience to not laugh at his jokes. He gets pissed! (similar links)

Mad TV: Dr. Phil Parody (Funny Links)

Hilarious impersonation of Dr. Phil talking about plastic surgery and girls wanting to look better on Mad TV. (similar links)

Use Voice Mail (Funny Links)

In some cases it's better to use voice mail. (similar links)

Dumb Family Feud Family (Funny Links)

By far the dumbest family to ever by on Family Feud. Like father like son. (similar links)

Masturbation Gesture Gone Very Wrong In Office (Funny Links)

Maturbation gesture goes way to far in the office place in this funny The Whitest Kids U Know skit. (similar links)

Monkey Feels Up Asian Boobies (Funny Links)

Monkey host jumps on the desk and starts feeling up an asian girl. (similar links)

Replication Theory (Funny Links)

You replicate not guilty, otherwise it was you. (similar links)

Spelling Bee Winner Is An Idiot (Funny Links)

Interview with the Spelling Bee winner where we find out he is both a jerk and retarded. (similar links)

Unbelievable Beatboxing (Cool Links)

By far the most amazing beatboxing i have ever heard. He makes sounds i didn't even know were possible for a human to make. (similar links)

Dad Scares His Son (Funny Links)

I would probably be scared too if my dad screamed like a girl. (similar links)

Fake Lotto Ticket Prank On Birthday (Funny Links)

I would be so pissed if someone did this to me, kid gets a fake lottery ticket on his birthday and thinks he just won $10,000. (similar links)

World's Most Spoiled Girl (Misc Links)

This girl is so spoiled it makes me sick. I really want to believe that this is fake, but you never know anymore. (similar links)

Miss Teen Philippines Answers A Question (Funny Links)

Miss Teen Philippines gets side tracked while asking a simple question. Stop saying sorry! (similar links)

Funny Valedictorian Speech (Funny Links)

By far the best valedictorian speech, too bad he became the coolest kid on campus with just a couple weeks before graduating. (similar links)

Bicyclist Assaulted By NYPD (Weird Links)

NYPD officer assaults a bicyclist during Friday's Critical Mass ride in Times Square. You will be glad to hear that the rookie officer has been stripped of his badge and gun and is now on desk duty. (similar links)

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